You may have tried accessing your Internet Explorer browser but it may be automatically shutting down on opening or it may be running very slowly. This may hamper the productivity to a very large extent. If looking immediate assistance then the same can be availed from Internet Explorer customer service and if looking for self ways to get rid of the issue then simply go through the below mentioned effective tutorial. Things will then be resolved easily.

Check the cache and cookies – Users can directly visit their browser and check if there is too much accumulation of cache and cookies. In anyway users can simply clear the entire cache, cookies, and history from the browser and then they can try accessing the same.

Visit the official website – By visiting the official website of Internet Explorer browser users can check for updates and if any kind available then they can immediately update the same to the latest edition. It is another way through which such kind of issue can be resolved.

Uninstall and reinstall the browser – Users can always uninstall the browser by visiting their Control Panel and then they can re install the same. It may be that some of the malicious species have entered the browser which may be preventing it from opening.

Check the internet connection – It may be that internet may be working very slowly which could be the cause of slow surfing speed. Users can see if they have a sound internet connection in order to maximize the usage.

Disable the add ons and pop ups – Pop ups and add ons may be preventing the browser from opening. The only solution to fix the issue is to disable the same and then try accessing the browser. Things have worked for many of the users.


If the above mentioned tutorial bounced off your head then get direct assistance from the certified technicians only by dialing the 24/7 Internet Explorer technical support toll free phone number. The technicians have all the necessary knowledge to locate the users issue and then perform troubleshooting steps depending upon the location and availability of the technicians. The technical assistance modes are as remote assistance, onsite assistance, and live chatting and mail support. Further knowledge with regards to each of the technical assistance mode can be obtained by direct consultation with the certified technicians.

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