By altering Internet Explorer's security settings, you can influence how the websites screen your various online activities. For instance, you can choose which cookies are put away, select how they are put away and when the websites can utilize your area data (that is the location information), and obstruct undesirable pop-ups from displaying.

If you wish to turn your pop-up blocker on, then follow the steps mentioned below:

· Navigate on your computer screen and click on the icon ‘Internet explorer’ to open it.

· Next located in the right hand corner of the Internet Explorer browser is the tool and settings button displayed in the symbol of a gear.

· Among the options displayed, click on Internet options.

· In the new window that is displayed, click on the privacy tab.

· Next located under the ‘pop up blocker’ tab, there would a check box to turn the pop up blocker on or off.

· If you wish to turn it on, ensure that the check box is ticked. And thereafter click on the option OK.

And if you wish to block all the pop ups that are displayed in your Internet browser, follow the steps further after the above mentioned steps:

· Open the pop up blocker properties or settings.

· Next in the blocking level, set the block level to ‘high: block all pop ups’.

· Next click on the close button and press OK to finish.

If you are unable to figure out how the pop up blocker has to be set up, please contact the tech support by calling on the Internet explorer helpline number.

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