Canon Printer Technical Support Phone Number

The printer driver must be first downloaded from the website or driver cd and installed on the computer system to run the printer. While download you can choose the operating system and the configuration of your computer system to ensure compatibility at the time of installation. Without driver you can’t connect and operate the Canon printer, it helps to have access to the internal functions and other configurations that can adapt to users as per use. If you are unable to download canon printer drivers for your computer system, then you can contact canon printer technical support. Get in touch with tech support team for technical support assistance by professional technicians.

Canon Printer Tech Support

A computer associated with other similar units, and if you want to print different through other computers, you have to connect them to the computer installed with driver. And if you have installed canon wireless printer driver, into your WI-Fi-enabled computer you can give print wirelessly from other portable device like laptop, tablet and smart phone with the same quality of printing and output.

The installation process to be done with the help of professionals, they download only compatible version of Canon printer driver, which can run into the system by the user. After installation, you ask technician to adjust the print settings as per your requirements. And you can also put other types of preferences as color, paper size and quality to print documents as per your requirements adapt.

The tech support executives are highly experienced in printer tech support and provide solutions for almost every problem in minutes. They can easily configure its settings and make it functional as per computer system’s compatibility.

Canon Printer Cannot Connet To Internet

Canon printers are popular for their quality performance. Effective in providing best required results and affordable. Canon printer can be connected to the Internet so that user can directly take the printout of the web page wants to. User just need to connect the printer through a router. During this process of printing through Internet, some times due to some technical faults, user can see the error message on the screen saying, "Cannot connect to the Internet. Check the settings from the access point. ". This may be annoying but user can resolve this with few easy troubleshooting.

  • Check the connections first and they should be proper, like between system, router and printer.
  • In the printer menu, click on LAN Settings.
  • Then click on Other Settings.
  • Under that, click on TCP/IP settings and finally click on IPv4.
  • Here, select the option Automatic for setup.
  • Click OK and close all the windows.
  • Again try to connect the printer to the Internet.

Canon Printer Customer Service Number

Are you facing other problems with some of the printer? If yes, then please contact the tech support team immediately to fix the issues. The printer may have stop working suddenly or deliver poor print, scan issue or another issue; you do not need to worry about it. Just give a call on the toll free canon printer tech support phone number.

Basic troubleshoot steps for a Canon printer

While working if the computer and access point the or wireless router have lost connection then you can restart your computer and then attempt to print again.

So it is necessary to check whether the printer driver is configured to the proper port or not.

In case your cable is not connected properly to the printer: this is a general problem related to the printer. Your printer should have two cables connected to it, one is the power cable and the other is data cable. While working on your Canon printer, make sure that the power and data cables are connected to both the printer and computer properly.

If you are having any trouble while getting your Canon printer to print properly or even turn on at all you don't have to immediately resort to returning it.

The basic troubleshoot step for a Canon printer is listed below:

First of all, turn off your canon printer and press the HOLD/STOP button towards down and while holding the stop/reset down, press the on/off button on the printer to turn the printer on and off again. After that tap the stop/reset button twice with the light, tapping motions.

Make sure that you have pressed the on/off button while doing carrying out the procedure. Then, unhold all the keys that were being pressed down and wait until rest appears on the screen. Now, touch the STOP/RESET button for five times consecutively and then press the ON/OFF button for two times swiftly.

This is the basic troubleshooting process for the Canon printer which does not require the turning off of the printer.

You can contact the Canon customer service number to get any help during the process. If you need detailed information about the procedure then the best way to avail assistance is to visit the nearest regional office and get an agent.

Canon Printer Support Services

  • Connection Issues
  • Operating system compatibility problems with the printer
  • Installation Issues
  • Canon Printer configuration problems
  • Problems with the firewall settings
  • Configuring wireless printer
  • Printer software optimization for improved performance
  • Fixing Printer Carriage Jams